Monday, July 6, 2009

I Saw It Coming

Recent comments by Vice President Biden have highlighted why liberal, big government, socialist programs will fail everytime.

"We didn't see it coming" is the phrase that you hear out of Washington when something goes wrong. "No one saw it coming", "It's worse than we thought", there are a million ways to spin the same thing. If a program doesn't work, there is always some variable to blame.

The heart of the matter is that by expanding government, we increasingly rely on the predictions and assumptions of the state. Regardless of the party, when government expands, we continue to put all our eggs into one basket. If we "misread" something, it affects everyone.

When each individual is free to achieve and free to fail, our choices mean something. We are selling the American spirit short if we assume that individuals cannot take care of themselves.

This is the perfect example of the well-meaning liberal creating a system where we take care of those who cannot take care of themselves. The problem is that we are assuming that people cannot take care of themselves. With no confidence in individuals, liberal progressives continue to create dependence and think they are doing everyone a favor. I'll assume that their motives are good, but they are simply growing their own standard of living, while reducing the standards of the majority. Somehow that doesn't seem right.

When a program doesn't work, MORE of that program is not the answer, yet that is all our lawmakers can think of. I hope that everyone keeps these things in mind when we are in a position to vote for, and guide our elected leaders in the direction we want them to go.

Again I ask, what social program has eliminated the problems that they were created to solve?

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