Sunday, July 5, 2009

What can we learn?

I want to point out some historical information here. Franklin D. Roosevelt's first Fireside Chat. He was dealing with a banking situation very similar to what we are facing now.

First Fireside Chat (.mp3)

One particularly interesting line in this broadcast is "Your Government does not intend that the history of the past few years shall be repeated. We do not want and will not have another epidemic of bank failures."

There is a mindset being built-up in this country, that says we must turn to government to solve our problems. It is clear to me that throughout the last 100+ years, we have turned to government in crisis after crisis; yet we continually face the same challenges over and over again. The answer has never been more government, only through more freedom can we move forward and actually make progress.

To solve the problems of our day, we must promote freedom. Our founders spent years, even decades analyzing the problems that existed in England, which led to an oppressive government. The result was our constitution. The result was the realization that government only exists to limit and contain man. A free society promotes self responsibility and regulation, without which, no system can work.

The path to freedom starts with each and every individual deciding to take responsibility for their own lives. Educating ourselves on the system that exists around us, and the role we play in it is the first step. Let us all learn from the successes and the failures from the past, and apply that knowledge going forward.

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