Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bi-Partisan Criticism

This next clip shows exactly why we need to stop evaluating our leaders with the republican and democrat tags in front of their names. Both sides, at one time or another are using politics and push through legislation and achieve their own objectives. Both sides are guilty of serving themselves rather than the people they are supposed to be serving.

If I wrote a congressman's job description, I think the first thing on it would be that they would be responsible for reading bills that they vote on. With the current cap and trade, they broke this rule; and I don't think it will be possible for them to read and comprehend the entire health care bill, but that remains to be seen.

If you want to see hypocrisy in action, compare these remarks with what you see going on today:

We cannot blindly follow "our guy" without being critical of their policies. President Obama is pushing legislation in the same way that Bush did. Of course, critics of President Bush might say that was a different circumstance. We are often blind to what our own party is doing and not-doing because we want them to stay in power and continue what we believe to be worthy overall goals. The majority of people will never be served if this mentality continues. In the 5000 Year Leap, we learned that the Left was designed to determine what the people need, the Right was designed to decide if we can afford it. The system is designed to create freedom, prosperity and happiness to all, or at least the vast majority who choose it. The system is designed to be balanced, something many of us don't appreciate.

Maybe it would be wise if we replaced ALL of them? The one thing we cannot afford to do is abandon the great system that our founders put in place. It is clear to me that President Obama wants to change the roots of this system, luckily, if our other leaders have any backbone, he will not be able to. We need to stop HOPING that our leadership will do the right thing, and DEMAND that they listen to us.

Our capitalist, market driven system with the constitution at its helm has overcome many obstacles over the past. Those who want to expand socialism need to understand that our system of freedom, checks and balances, and individual rights has led to freedom for slaves, equal rights for all men and all women, and a law that looks to Godly authority to create protections for every individual.

It's time to expect both sides of the aisle to serve us. We need to all hold everyone accountable. Let's work on criticising every leader equally. Believe me, I will need to work on these things in my life. I am as guilty as the next guy.

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  1. Andrew, are you friends with Josh Mesker (from Sterling) on Facebook? You should be. Reading his stuff and reading yours is like reading something twice. Very good!