Monday, July 20, 2009

From the Heart

I watched the movie "Finding Forrester" (again) last weekend, it had been several years since I had seen it, and it was good all over again. I saw it from a different perspective this time around.

You may have forgotten, but I started this blog so that I could practice writing. The public nature of this blog pushes me to keep writing something down, rather than trying to write in a journal or some other more private forum. I tried jotting down my thoughts before, but I soon faded away; at least here I have continued for several months.

In the movie, William Forrester was teaching a high schooler how to develop a story. He stated that in the first draft, you write from the heart, in the second draft, you write from your brain. This encouraged me. So far I have been pouring out my 'political heart' into this blog. As I read my own thoughts it is plain to see how the words and thoughts of a conservative minded person like myself can be seen in the wrong light. I hope to one day look thoughtfully back at these words and mold them into something that is both logical and heartfelt.

I have always enjoyed movies. Some people that I know see movies as a waste of time, something that has relatively no meaning. I see them as an opportunity to see something from a new perspective, or perhaps be introduced to something I hadn't thought about at all. This might seem silly to some, but it is an example of how something silly like a movie, can benefit me.

My mindset going in influences the message that I take out.

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