Monday, June 29, 2009

Turning Point

Last week we hit a turning point. Much of the media has been focused on politics and economics over the last several months, maybe the last year. With several high profile, celebrity deaths last week, I feel like the media and people in general have turned the corner on all the political and economic stuff that has been bogging them down.

It makes sense really, people get tired of the same old negativity weighing them down. It is easy to take the Hollywood route and turn to the world of entertainment for the high's and low's that get you through life. For many in this country, unless you have lost your job, it is easy to work and play, forgetting that there is a big world around us that we have a responsibility to be involved in.

Through the policies and guidance of our federal government, the very poor and the very wealthy in this country are continuing to ride the backs of the middle class. This trend has never turned out well. The world is coming to the understanding that America is going down a path that will destroy our economy. The policies that our government is passing are not sustainable. The intentions, I believe, may be good; but they cannot work. I am not saying that they MAY not work, I believe they CANNOT work.

The people who believe global warming is manmade in this country are in the minority, yet they have just passed one of the biggest government expansions in history to fight their cause. Not one member of congress who voted for the Cap and Trade bill even read the whole bill. Even the author, Henry Waxman claimed that he could not possibly read the whole thing. One day before the bill was voted on, a 300 page addendum was added.

Does it comfort you to see your elected leaders voting for a bill they have not read?

I would say the system is broken, but I don't know if that is true. Our government is not even playing within the confines of the system. Every Czar that reports to the president is working outside the authority given to our president. Our system has been forgotten. Something needs to change.

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