Thursday, June 4, 2009

The foundation seems to be cracking

"WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama says he's open to requiring all Americans to buy health insurance, as long as the plan provides a "hardship waiver" to exempt poor people from having to pay.
Obama opposed such an individual mandate during his campaign, but Congress increasingly is moving to embrace the idea." - 6/4/2009

Sure sounds like our leaders are OK "dictating" rights to me. I fear that one day, we might look back at the words that conservatives are preaching right now and say, "why didn't we listen." I don't mean to say that a conservatives know everything, but I CAN guarantee that freedom is worth something. From the progressive left, freedom is an idea standing in the way of their agenda. The progressive left vilifies the very system that allows them to operate. I don't know about you, but I don't particularly enjoy voting for hypocrites.

The progressive left leaders in this country promise that the poor won't pay a dime for anything. They think that the government is the answer to all your problems, as long as they are in charge. I refuse to believe that government intervention is required to "make the right call", provide a service that benefits the poor, or provide jobs. The government only stands in the way of prosperity for all.

The bleeding heart of the liberal has blinded them to the fact that social programs must be limited and tempered if they are to exist at all. History is ignored everyday as we look to the ideals that socialism, Marxism and communism promote, yet fail to recognize the results that those systems have yielded throughout history.

The progressive left leaders in this country are blinding their supporters with rhetoric. While Al Gore lobbies Washington for climate change legislation, he stands to make billions of dollars. If the environment is so important, why doesn't he do more? President Obama made millions of dollars over the last few years from book royalties. If feeding the poor and healing the sick is so important, how can he live such an opulent lifestyle, begrudging the wealth of others, and expect the collective to pick up the slack?

To any liberal, democrats and bleeding hearts reading this: Evaluate your candidate! Their talk and their walk do not align. Of course much of this stems from the liberal progressive mindset, which thinks that their must be a way to "change the world." Since it is plain that their efforts alone will not accomplish their goals, they seek power, and will do anything necessary to force everyone but themselves to take care of every need around them.

On top of it all, the liberal progressives fail to realize that their actions cannot be sustained. Providing health care, food, shelter and clothes for all the needy people in the world sounds like a great idea. Is it worth doing if you destroy the very means that allow the programs to exist?

The progressive left is giving everyone a fish, while forcing the fisherman to quit his job. Who's left to do the fishing? Just imaging if everyone actually did their part, instead of forcing others to pick up the slack. Then we would truly have a society where all the sick, homeless and hungry are cared for.

Socialism pulls everyone down, rather than lifting everyone up. I don't know how many ways this needs to be said. It doesn't work!

It seems that the Americans who voted for this "change" have either been duped or are completely ignorant of the history that has made this nation lurch forward like no other nation has in the history of time. We need less government, not more. Government only stands in the way of the real power, generosity and ingneuity of the american spirit.

The foundations of our country have gone missing. Personal responsibility is no more. We are being tricked into thinking that government is the solution, when it only stands in the way.

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