Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dictating Healthcare

We can see that our current leaders are Ok telling us that it may be in everyones best interest if we are all required to pay the government to run the healthcare system. This is a scary road to go down. After a nation begins relying on a system like this, we won't just stop doing it when we see that it is not working. The people of this country must wake-up and see what is going on. Do your research, and let your elected leaders know where you stand.

The following questions are ones that cause me to pause and say, "maybe we shouldn't do this?":

- If the currently socialized programs of Medicaid and Medicare have worked so well, why is everyone wondering how we're going to save those programs and make them work beyond the next few years?

- How can we assume that the federal government will "insure" our medical coverage better than the current insurance companies?

- Look at the countries around the world that provide socialized medicine. Do they work? If not, why are we pursuing the same course of action?

- People across the globe are sending their sick and wounded to the United States of America for medical care, because it's the best in the world. Why are we attmepting to model our system after theirs?

The problem with socialized programs is that we must assume that the government makes better decisions than the people. I think I can run my life, better than the government can. We must change the philosophy that is underlying this rediculous liberal train of thought. The government is not the answer.

If you see a person in need, do you help them, or do you wonder why the government doesn't do more? I am tired of hearing about how the "government" should do more to help the poor in this country when those very same people are wondering what movie they should see this weekend and what car they will buy next.

With all the talk of socialism and how great it is. With the communist leaders of the country endorsing the actions of America, and the rest of the world talking about the problems with socialism. I think America is slowly coming around. We will soon see that freedom is the answer. We will soon realize that freedom has value. We will soon realize that the change we were looking for was a shrinkage of government, not the expansion that we have experienced for the last 20 years.

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  1. Amen! I wish more people could have heard our sermon on Sunday. Jesus called His followers (a.k.a. the Church) to help the poor and needy, not the government!