Monday, June 8, 2009

Random Thought

I just had a thought. I hope somebody does some research on this point.

How much energy/pollution does it take to transport oil from the middle-east to the US? How much pollution would be saved if we drilled for our own oil instead of transporting it all the way across the globe? Or perhaps we wouldn't save any energy, but it would be worth knowing.


  1. The environmentalist in me asks how about neither? Why not end our dependency on oil altogether and harness cleaner forms of energy like wind and solar power?

  2. That is fine. I see your point.

    If solar and wind energy can do the job, let's do it. It will take some time before the infrastructure is in place to use those forms of energy though. France has been building nuclear plants because their wind and solar farms aren't keeping up.

    It is disturbing that we are willing to send hundreds of billions of dollars to the middle-east for something we could get ourselves.

    It will be interesting seeing the market fight against the forces pushing the tin cans that aren't ready for the road. It would be much wiser, in my humble opinion, to secure our own energy now, keep the money here, and then use all the wealth and resources we would be creating to push better energy through the works. If we kill off our economic power, neither option will happen.

    I didn't mean to write that much.