Monday, June 22, 2009

Leading By Example

You may have seen one of those WWJD bracelets that have been floating around since the 90's. What Would Jesus Do? The answer to this question highlights the reason why Christianity is one of the largest religions in the world. Depending on who you define as Christians, it is THE largest religious/faith group in the world. Why?

Jesus led by example. To answer the question "what would Jesus do", you look at the way he lived his life and apply the same principles to whatever situation you are in. Some people might come to different conclusions, but the answer is still steeped in what we believe to be true about Jesus. The life Jesus asks us to live, is the same life he lived. When we see the poor and needy, we are asked to give. When we see sinners, we are asked to forgive. When we see sad and lonely people, we are asked to love. We are asked to lead by example.

The largest and most "successful" religions in the world, have a similar setup. A historical figure, sent by God, to give people an example on the way they should live and act within the laws of that God.

Our founders understood that they could not lead in a way that was right, true, just and moral unless they led by example. The character of our founders has been lost. The example and the principles that they set before us has been forgotten.

I am honing in on what bothers me the most about the liberal progressive agenda. In many ways, this is what bothers me about government in general. Our leaders have forgotten that they are examples. Rather than businessmen and farmers who reserved several years of their life to public service, they have instead made a living off the fruits of our labor and the sweat off our brows. I believe conservative principles will lead us back towards the formula that created the greatest nation on earth.

Environmentalists preach and lobby for rules and regulations that will lead to responsible use of our natural resources. The goal is admirable, but these same activists use their wealth and power to buy their way out of actually following the same guidelines that they want everyone else to follow.

Proponents of welfare and food stamps want to raise the burden of taxes on everyone around them to help the poor and hungry. The goal is admirable, but these same activists give meager amounts of their own wealth to the poor and hungry they wish to help.

Our leaders who want to provide health care for everyone in America, by whatever means possible, work in a system that guarantees they will have the best care available to them at no cost for the rest of their lives. A system of benefits voted to them, by them.

Our leaders in Washington have no idea what it is like to actually live in the systems they want to create for the country around them. They have no idea what problems face main street. They say whatever they need to say so to remain in power and in a position to live off of the people, contributing no real benefits to society.

Liberal progressives are doomed to fail. They fight to change the world, but refuse to accept the same standards that they require of those around them.

There is a false idea going around that government run programs are beneficial. Show me a program run by the government that has succeeded in it's goals. I can show you a hundred different organizations that combat the social problems our country faces with much more effectiveness and efficiency than our government.

FDR created a committee to study the economic security of individuals. "The Committee shall study problems relating to the economic security of individuals and shall report to the President not later than December 1, 1934, its recommendations concerning proposals which in its judgment will promote greater economic security."

Does our country have "greater economic security" now than it did before the social security programs that FDR started? If it did, why are there still people without jobs? Why are people still hungry? If this system was created to avoid the same depression that preceded FDR, why do those problems exist.

With the greatest of intentions, government run programs take money from successful systems and create waste. Just think of all the good the people of this country could do if they actually controlled their own wealth!

Conservative principles teach me that first we must take responsibility for our own lives, then we can begin to help those around us. We must elect leaders that lead by example.

Only when the waste of government is out of the way can we begin to tackle the environmental, social, educational, technological and ethical concerns of the day.

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