Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why Freedom Matters

Social justice. Punishing greed. Shared sacrifice. Income redistribution.

These are the phrases/goals that our leaders are pursuing today. You don't have to look far to find someone saying "I will take more from you because you can afford it." These words represent the ideals and values that our leaders seem called to follow. It is their mission to accomplish these goals. Based on the philosophies and values of our founders, this means that the people have failed themselves. We have not held ourselves responsible and we seek others to do it for us.

I just got done dragging myself through "The Origin of Species" by Charles Darwin, but I will only touch on the subject now. It has been enlightening to read what has become the foundation of our evolutionary theory and immediately begin reading about how our founders believed that we must follow natures law as a guide to our countries law; however the natural law that our founders sought, was one prompted by a creator.

Our leaders, whom many believe that evolution guides our natural law, have decided amongst themselves what is right and what is wrong. President Obama declared in his inauguration address that we will "restore science to its rightful place." I don't think this means that we will fight to get Intelligent Design taught in the classroom. From all the talk that I have heard, this means we must truly separate faith and science. The two cannot co-exist, can they?

The natural trumps the supernatural, or so they say.

I propose that faith and science can ONLY exist together. Evolutionists for some reason bypass philosophy in their pursuit of knowledge and "fact." They fail to recognize that the origins they see, spit in the face of the natural law they think exists. Our lawmakers take these theories for granted, treat them as fact and create laws that directly undermine the system which allows them to create laws in the first place.

It requires no stretch of the imagination, based on Darwin's theory, to see that killing Jews and enslaving the primitive cultures of Africa were simply acts of natural selection, whereby one species simply kills off or enslaves the weaker varieties of that species. It may seem fanatical, but if you TRULY believe that evolution guides our natural law, these acts would require no remorse or explanation. Why is it then that we feel, deep down in our souls, that killing someone else is wrong? Why did we fight against the idea of slavery? Perhaps we believe there is a right and wrong, and that all men really were created equal.

When we are told to separate faith from science, we are being told to disregard our creators natural law. In fact, to disregard our creator. To blindly accept evolution as fact based on Darwin's theory would be to say that there is no God. If there were, their theory would be null and void. Darwin knew this, and said plainly that it seemed much more reasonable to him that species evolved over great lengths of time, rather than a divine being snapping his finger and creating life out of thin air.

This brings me to freedom. The natural law created by a godless world is dictating to us what is right and what is wrong. We have moved money and power into that void filled by God and determined that they are the only things that matter. Our founders knew this, they realized that the world would one day slip into the same flawed system that they were fleeing from, so they drafted a solution, outside of themselves, to maintain freedom as long as possible. Every law written into our books dictates to us what we can/cannot do and requires that we pay to maintain that law. Our laws have stepped outside of the framework laid before it and have become oppresive.

If this is true, we will be required to take what is given to us by man, rather than seek the great deeds we were created for by God. Not only will we envy the rich, but we will have no power to stop them. While life and liberty rule, as our founders intended, we are free to live and to attain the goals that we set for ourselves; when society rules, we can only live to be slaves to that society, with no understanding of what freedom is.

Social justice. Punishing greed. Shared sacrifice. Income redistribution.

These are the goals those with power and money want to preach, to increase the disparity between rich and poor, so that all can claim that the majority will benefit from their actions. It seems to me that the government is the only thing preventing prosperity for the 98% that they claim to benefit.

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