Thursday, April 30, 2009

What's Wrong?

President Obama has repeatedly said things like "we must remake America." He eludes to the fact that America must fundamentally change the way we do things. He has appologized for America constantly over the last several months.

Since I can't get President Obama on the phone, if there are any supporters out there who can answer my questions, please do so.

What are we re-building America from? What fundamental changes are we talking about? What is Obama appologizing for?

These are real and serious questions.

"I can't just press a button and suddenly have the bankers do exactly what I want or, you know, turn on a switch and suddenly, you know, Congress falls in line," Obama said.

What gives our president the right to have the bankers do exactly what he wants or to get congress to fall in line? Why does he think that's how it needs to be. Ths system is not built that way. Is it OK because he's "your guy?" What authority is he acting under?

Transcript of press conference:


  1. This doesn't have anything to do with your blog post, although I have plenty of thoughts I could share. My dad sent me this link tonight and it literally gave me chills. (Don't worry, it's not any liberal propaganda.) Just watch it, enjoy it, and share it if you feel compelled.

    I think the message speaks for itself.


  2. Laura,

    This is a great video. Music is a powerful language. This is a good motivator to keep music in the liberal arts curriculum in our public schools.

    My Philisophical Take:

    I wonder how many muslim extremists were in high school band class? The arts allow us to see beyong ourselves and see how much of the world is connected. People who travel the world often can vouch that there are remarkable similarities among people of totally different culture, and things like music highlight those similarities. There is great harmony (pun intended) among humanity.

    Now tell me. What prompted you to share this video with me? :)

  3. I'm not really sure why I posted the video, honestly. I was a little worked up about your post and thinking of the many ways I agree with what Obama is doing, especially on the international front. Since I was all debated out from our global warming discussions, and my dad had just emailed that to me, I just thought I would post something inspirational instead of embarking on another long discussion.
    I was just reminded by the video that no matter how much we may differ on our political opinions, we still have a lot in common in other ways. I just thought it would be a good time to remember that. :)
    If you want, I will still post a comment about why I agree with the direction Obama is taking our country.

  4. Laura,

    I truly want to know what you agree with.

    Ultimately, I am curious about whether people agree with what he is saying, or what he is doing. To me they are very different, but maybe I am blinded by my assumptions.

    Of course, my blanket question was to everyone, but I understand if only three people read this thing.

    My posts are never aimed directly at you, only the liberal progressive movement that I see in general. I am not trying to target you, but understanding a little bit of the opposing views will help everyone.