Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This Little Light of Mine

A group called the Party for Socialism and Liberation has been giving out flyers on university campuses in Los Angeles. I have been living in the dark while socialist principles have been growing. Are they really here in force? I am under the impression that people thought socialism had generally negative conotations. Do you agree with the principles outlined on the following page? Why? Why not?
I wish this site was an April Fools joke, but it's not.

From generation to generation, we build upon the physical sciences to better understand the world around us. The social sciences are a different matter. Through ignorance of history, economics, and how society works, my generation has taken up the flag of the failed socialist schools of thought. Apparently capitalism is the enemy. Is this true? These socialist groups want to create a free society for the working class. Do they not understand that this requires the resignation of all their rights to a governing body? These ideals cannot last. What happens when they don't agree with that governing body? This model leads to dictatorship EVERY TIME.

When will we learn from the social science experiments of the past?

Is it possible to learn from the social sciences without experiencing them? Must we make the same mistakes, over and over again, until we come around and realize that our constitution, founded on the principle that people actually have rights that come from outside ourselves.

Life and Liberty.

I believe we can learn from history and avoid the mistakes of the past. I believe it is possible to create a society where people are treated fairly, where the poor are fed, and where the sick are healed. This society does not come through oppression and dictatorship. It comes through freedom and the idea that man can do good without being forced to do good; the idea that there is a law above the laws we create, a law that gives us truly unalienable rights.

There is a lot of mis-guided anger in this country, aimed at the people who have taken it upon themselves to provide for their own needs. Maybe I am wrong here, maybe dependance really does lead to freedom, but it just seems like the wrong path to me. I pray that my light is the true light, and history will ultimately reveal the truth as it has before.

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