Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We Cannot Destroy the Earth

This post could be controversial; calling into question many long held beliefs. I am not under the impression that I know more, or speak with more authority than any others, but these are provoking thoughts that could be worth thinking about as we seek to live at harmony with those around us. We are all specks in eternity. We either live for a purpose that will carry us into eternity, or we live and die in a system of meaningless chaos.

We should have more discussions about the environment...about saving the earth. Earth Day prompts us to evaluate our environment, with calls to action that we save our planet; but from what?

From Charlton Heston reading the intro to Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton.

Regardless of your view, either evolution or creation by an intelligent designer; the idea that we can destroy what has survived for billions of years, or the idea that we can destroy the things we do not even fully understand, that which our creator has developed with all-knowing wisdom, seems improbable.

I have not pondered these thoughts much. My God said to "be fruitful and multiply" and designed us to rule over the earth. If a being capable of such creation didn't see ahead and take into account the needs for a vast population with enormous needs and desires, he wouldn't have been much of a creator.

It is plain to see that throughout history, humans constantly improve on the findings and discoveries of those before us. Wood, coal, oil, nuclear power; we have yet to see what will come next. Will the earth be destroyed if we really do run out of the oil that our entire planet runs on, or will the human spirit simply find the next best thing that has been provided for our use.

I don't know what motivates and drives the dedicated environmentalists. It is plain that fear is used to spread the cause that are planet is actually in jeopardy. Can we, or should we, really fight against the natural selection of our evolution. If we have evolved, shouldn't we embrace these global changes so that we can learn who the strong really are. I think the case can be made that God has called us to take care of the earth that he has given us, if evolution isn't an option.

Regardless of the issue or the position that you take, the argument will ultimately come back to the creator, or lack thereof. This is becoming increasingly clear. Without the creator, every philosophical argument contradicts itself; at least that is what I have found so far.

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