Thursday, April 30, 2009

Protecting the Little Guy

Please dis-regard this post, it is only a rant against the progressive movement and the hypocrisy that exists amongst their leaders. Please Do Not Read.


"The smallest minority is the individual" -Rush Limbaugh

Under the guise of equality, minority rights, and social justice, the progressive movement in this country is building itself into a party that redistributes wealth and resources at will and seeks to remove the rights of anyone who disagrees with them or is a in a position to stop them. Power is the ultimate goal.

What government programs do you see as great successes?

In my humble opinion, President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and the democratic leaders are all pushing this progressive cause. President Bush did his part too by the way, although gradually. Reagan was the last President to actually reduce government programs at the federal level, which gave way to the last real expansion of wealth and opportunity for everyone in this country.

The progressive movement vilifies wealth and achievement outside of their own circles and seeks to create true class separation by creating a society that is truly dependant on the state to live, while the leaders live at the top of the hill with no regard to the struggles of the country around them.

They use their words to say that their actions are for the good of the whole people, but use their actions to suppress the whole people. Instead of wealth for all, it is poverty for all...shared sacrifice.


Show me a politician who themselves sacrifice what they ask their constituents to sacrifice? While our leaders today ask people to tighten their belts, they increase the tax burden to expand their own programs. The top 5% of this country earners pay over 50% of the tax burden, the top 50% of the earners in this country pay over 96% of the tax burden. Is this equality?

Only through conservative principles can freedom and prosperity come to pass. Only when every individual is protected can equal rights be realized. Only through conservatism can the lower class realize that the only person holding them back is themselves. Let's help the helpless, not the clueless.

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.

Why do we not ACT on these words? Let's spread the idea that everyone can succeed. Let's create programs that encourage responsibility and hard work. Let's reward success not failure.

President Obama says that he doesn't want to run GM or the banks, but he has been forced into the position. NO HE HAS NOT. Our federal government has no right to fire individuals in private companies. Success will only be realized when we let the unsuccessful fail. So what if GM goes bankrupt. Maybe we can learn from our mistakes, instead of forcing people to make them again and again. The US economy is not at risk from failures of any size. We can only benefit to a greater degree in the end.

The law is blind and none are above it! Let's at least be consistent in the way we interpret the law.

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  1. I couldn't agree more. A little personal responsibility can go a long way. A little personal generosity (instead of forced taxes) can go a long way as well. Good post, Love.