Friday, April 23, 2010

Working As Planned

I am curious. For those of you who supported the health care legislation that was passed several weeks ago; what sold you on the bill?

Several articles have stuck out to me over the last couple weeks that highlight what even my tiny brain saw coming from a mile away. Items Americans were told were in the health care bill, but were not...

1) Rate Increases. President Obama used an example of a 39% premium increase that some California, Blue Cross customers saw; and said that this legislation would prevent doesn't.,0,6096091.story

2) Coverage for all Americans. The new bill claims to cover 32 million of uninsured Americans, that leaves out about 23 million people, some of which are illegal aliens and don't need coverage anyway, but there is still a segment of people uncovered. This isn't universal coverage.

3) Lower Health Care Costs. Speaker Pelosi and President Obama repeatedly said that the health care legislation would save money and reduce costs. The program hasn't even started full swing and we are getting evidence that the opposite is true.

I have a strong feeling that for those who supported this bill, one of the items above was the selling point. I guarantee we'll find more examples of failure as we move forward.

I looked through the archives and noticed that here, here, here, here, here and here, I gave healthcare specific examples of:
- how government never works as intended
- how government involvement increases costs
- how the proposed changes to health care will not work

It's kind of fun to see what I "predicted" in the past. Now I can see how wrong (or right) I was. Where has all the common sense gone? When has a big government program worked as intended? The answer is NEVER, and that is what the progressive left in this country refuses to accept. They have put their blinders on and are trying to drive us down the highway. We need to change drivers, get out of the car, or try to restore some sight to the blind.


  1. Sigh. HOW to change? I put very little thought into politics these days as it just makes me miffed, but even with very little thought I am not at all surprised, either. I feel like we are surrounded by blind people (NO intentional diss on dear intelligent blind folks) trying to navigate us through a swamp filled with gators. And snakes. Or maybe its like swimming through piranas, blindfolded? IDK. I'm just discouraged by the way things are going. I vote and I still have to live under the effects of other people's votes. Maybe I'll go Amish?

  2. It is discouraging to see others making decisions that affect...that you would not make for yourself. If our system of individual rights can hold up, then we'll get back on track. I feel like Freedom is taken for granted.