Thursday, November 19, 2009

Government, Solving Their own Problem

This is part of the discussion that I take issue with, when our government talks about all the problems with the health care system.

President Obama gives examples of doctors doing procedures because they can get reimbursed immediately for large amounts of money. There was an article about the abuses of health care in the New Yorker last spring that talked about the same thing; specifically a town in Texas where Medicare dollars were being spent at a much higher per-capita rate than anywhere else.

The problem with the whole analysis is that we are essentially complaining about how a government-run program like medicare is prompting higher costs in health care and then arguing that we need more government intervention to solve the problem.

The government has created their own problem to solve.

The entire argument actually gets to the point that conservatives have been shouting about for a long time. GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION CAUSES HIGHER PRICES.

We continually hear about how we need to "lower the costs of health care", when in actuality, our current government (and some in the past) just want to pay for the health care, which in turn requires giving them more power and us less freedom.

Lower costs, more choice, more competition will ONLY happen when the government is LESS involved. There is no example of government bringing down the costs of anything. Government involvement only creates more overhead and more waste.

Free markets would require patients to pay what they can. Prices would ultimately adjust and fall in line with what Doctors need and patients can pay. With government involvement, no price equality can exist.

We aren't going to fix our small Medicare/Medicaid problem, by creating one large conglomerate problem - Government-run health care.

The fact remains that when you are spending someone else's money, you don't really care how much of it you spend.

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