Monday, February 15, 2010

Climate Un-Change

We don't hear as much about Climate Change on the news anymore; because the holes in the science are getting bigger everyday in my opinion, but I know the true believers haven't given up yet. I would be interested in hearing from them.

Several articles lately tell a different story than one we might have heard a year or two ago. What do these UK papers know that we don't see reported in the US.
The professors climate change retreat
Climate Change retreat, no warming for 15 years
World may not be warming

The IPCC, one of man-made global warmings biggest advocates, keeps showing their true colors; although not suprising when you look at the big picture.

Start from the beginning. The IPCC was created to monitor man's effects on global warming. The very creation of this group was predicated on the belief that man had some effect on global warming. There is no "innocent until proven guilty" here, it has been "guilty while we find the evidence".

Of course, if someone has a theory that they want to test, there is no harm in following the theory. The problems really begin when politicians pickup on an issue and use it to create a moral separation from their opponents. How many politicians recently have said that the science is settled and that something must be done? It didn't matter to them that the science was fuzzy at best, they never cared to look into it further; but many politicians immediately saw the opportunity to vilify big business, and make the case that they were standing up for the little guy, while their opponents didn't care about anyone. Even worse, media companies carried the torch further.

From my view, man-made climate change made absolutely no sense within any world view...We Cannot Destroy The Earth. For some reason people are abandoning reason, and I haven't really figured out why that is. I know the heart is involved, we have started feeling our way through some of these big ideas rather than using our heads to figure out what was really going on. Passion is not bad, but if we lack the ability to self-evaluate, look at our assumptions, and really put our beliefs to the test; will it be our good intentions or the truth that lead us to the progress that many of us want.

We must begin evaluating our beliefs against our own views of the world. We might be suprised that contradictions exist within our very own thoughts and beliefs. I can't claim to know everything, but I am open to have a discussion. I want my beliefs challenged. Only through testing them, can they be proven one way or another.

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