Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The problem with Washington DC

President Obama stated in his first State of the Union Address something to the affect that we "need to restore fiscal discipline and end runaway borrowing." Less than 24 hours later, Congress voted to raise the debt ceiling by $1.9 trillion dollars (meaning that our country can carry up to $14.2 trillion in debt). We will pay something like $500 billion to service our debt.

What is fiscal discipline and runaway borrowing?

I may not have voted for him, but President Obama is leading all of us into to the future, his decisions effect everyone in this country in some way or another. This is especially true as he seeks to increase our reliance on government. Debt spending alone is evidence that the entire country is taking a stake in the programs that this administration is pushing.

Our President claims to the American people that "Washington needs to stop being Washington." This sounds great. It seems to me however, that if Washington is the problem, increasing the size of Washington will simply increase the problems. Under the Obama administration, the federal workforce will be over 2 million people strong...the largest ever federal payroll.

I can't figure out if it is ignorance or intent, but our progressive-led government is taking this country in the opposite direction than the majority want it to go. The more it happens, the harder it is to believe that ignorance is the cause - if this is the intent, it's even more scary.

We don't need to change Washington, we simply need to stop relying on those who continue to disappoint the country and repeatedly fail on countless policy decisions. Our government is filled with elites assuming they know what is best for us, having never been in our shoes, all while failing to spend within any limits and forcing our reliance on their failing systems.

How long do we accept the lies and half-truths of our government? Perhaps we should make our judgements based on actions, instead of words?

I am disturbing myself with some of these thoughts, but I can't see any other conclusions. Ignorance or intent, it is one or the other; both have scary consequences. What else could it be that causes our leaders to so blatantly say one thing and do the opposite?

The bright side is that our basic structure is still in place, and when the American people join together, we can send the momentum in the right direction...up. The idea that we can all live on an equal playing field, with equal results will lead to equal failures every time. Only through the promise of equal opportunity can we truly succeed. Conservatism will lead us there.

Our progressive leaders have blinded themselves, claiming that their failures to pass key legislation like nationalized health care have upset the country. It's not because they have failed, it's because they have tried; and continue to try cramming their ideals onto everyone in this country.

The line between our unalienable rights and personal responsibilities has been totally blurred.

We must pay attention. We must stay educated. We must prepare ourselves for whatever the future holds, not relying on assistance from anyone. Governmental spending is unprecedented in almost every way, yet things aren't getting better. When given the chance, we must be ready to change our course. Change we can believe in perhaps?


  1. Were you a Bush supporter? It's funny that you mention the national debt, but the 14 trillion dollars did not happen in a year.

  2. Finally, I say something radical enough to get a response.

    No, 14 trillion did not happen in a year. Put it in persepctive.

    Bush Supporter? Yes; although near the end of his term my heart stopped when he said "my free market principles had failed him" and he signed 700 trillion into the TARP program.

    Bush spent unwisely in many ways, but his spending doesn't even hold a candle to President Obama's spending. Before TARP, Bush carried about a 250 billion deficit each year (~3% of GDP), which is considered "sustainable" by some, although altogether rediculous when government is spending my money. This does not account for spending on the war either. To his credit, Bush cut taxes and created incentives for companies to grow...around 5 million jobs were created by the private sector from 2000 to 2006. The total national debt grew by some 4.5 trillion over 8 years under Bush. Bad? Yes.

    President Obama's budget deficit in 2009 was 1.75 trillion, 2010 looks to be over 2 trillion, add in the Recovery fund at nearly 1 trillion with all the pork and you've got. Some quick math shows me that President Obama will add about 3.75 trillion to the debt in 2 years...and this doesn't count health reform or cap and trade legislation which will not only cost more taxpayer money, but inhibit growth of the economy as well.

    The word unprecedented doesn't begin to describe what is being doen to our country. Was Bush perfect? No. Could he have made better decisions? Yes. Hind-sight is always 20-20.

    Have you been fooled into believing that Obama's spending is Bush's fault? If spending was good for the country, Bush would have been even more successful. Now is not the time for blaming, we simply need to head in the right direction. Wild spending has ZERO long-term benefit. Even the short-term benefit is becoming overshadowed by the burden that spending is adding to the taxpayers.

  3. I beleive the comments you just made are so right and with the help of all who believe in God in control and loving this United States of America guidance will come to our leaders in some way and I don't know what that way is.

  4. If we can view individuals as the largest minority, take a common sense look at our constitution, and learn to provide for ourselves again; we'll be headed in the right direction.

    I see many small steps that would force our leaders to head back toward our founding values. One example would be to remove the ability to allow congress to vote themselves raises and benefits packages. If our leaders had to rely on the same systems that the average American relied on, they would be singing a different tune.

    This post makes me take another hard look at the quote at the top of my blog. It is more true than ever.