Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Insurance, for food?

Check out this article on food insurance. It highlights a point I have tried to make for some time. It seems ridiculous at first and you can't exactly predict what would happen if we actually had food insurance, but when you begin to compare the idea with our current health care-insurance relationships, you realize how the lack of competition and over-reliance on insurance drives prices high and makes it nearly impossible to manage...yet our government keeps on trying by making bureaucracies ever bigger.

Cash is King...to any business. Show the money up front and see what kind of deals can be had. Our recent dealings with certain healthcare costs prove that hospitals realize when people have limited coverage, they simply can't pay the same high price that the insurance company blindly forks over. They realize they will have to change the rules a bit, or get nothing at all.

Free(er) Market Health Care would amaze everyone.

When decisions start being made between the doctor and patient, without other entities like insurance companies and government getting involved, the results will be better, smarter, and cheaper. It would HAVE to be so.

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