Monday, May 24, 2010


No more taxes spending!

It's been a while...I have to post SOMETHING to keep people engaged the political/philisophical topics I embark on.

" This month three members of Congress have been beaten in their bids for re-election -- a Republican senator from Utah, a Democratic congressman from West Virginia and a Republican-turned-Democrat senator from Pennsylvania. Their records and their curricula vitae are different. But they all have one thing in common: They are members of an Appropriations Committee. "

The article above is worth a glance, and I find it particularly interesting that some of the key losses (or people who are retiring) are part of appropriations. There are connections made about how our current "no spending" stance, fueled by the Tea Party, is different from other political revolts in the past.

Much of this, I think, is due to our awareness that debt is dumb. Many Americans are beginning to see that even spending that "benefits" them as their elected officials bring home the bacon, is not the right way to go. Our liberty and freedom is more important than most other areas of our life. People are realizing that they will not benefit from reliance on the government.

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