Friday, August 7, 2009

Fiscal Wake-Up Tour

If you would like a dose of fiscal reality, check out the move "I.O.USA." The movie provides a great overview of our country's fiscal history, what our debt has looked like in the past and what it could look like in the future.

After seeing the movie, I am reminded of the quote that sits at the top of my blog. 2000 years ago, at least one man knew what would bring down a strong republic like the United States. A look at history shows massive empires of the Greeks, Romans and even Israelites at one point; yet if we look around today, the world is much different. What happened to these world powers?

The life-cycle of nations might actually teach us something. I will admit that I am ignorant to many details at this point, but a brief look reveals to me that men, poisoned by power, have ultimately brought down the great nations of the world. Yet we continue to rely on man to interpret our lives and give us purpose. The beauty of our constitution is that it ensures the individual rights that have been deemed to come from beyond man.

A look at history shows that a common thread that brings corruption and the loss of individual freedoms. "The love of money is the root of ALL evil", yet we continue to allow our leaders to take more money, and freedom, from us in the names of whatever good cause they claim to represent. History shows us that regardless of the cause, power and money cannot lead to the great country that America is and has been.

The scary part about I.O.USA is that the last 6 months have changed the landscape more drastically than many aspects of our entire nations history. Our debt has increased by One Trillion dollars in the last six months. That number alone cannot even be fully understood.

We must pay off our debt. National security, social well-being, and freedom all depend on this.


  1. Thank you for calling attention to this movie. It is something everyone should watch then act upon. My problem is I am not sure what to say. Should it be simply "Stop spending"? Great blog, Andrew - you make me think and I really appreciate that - Linda

  2. Yes, answering the question "what do we do" is the difficult part. I think it will take time, and a constant pressure on our leaders to reduce the debt. The days of voting someone into office and trusting they will do the job without close scrutiny must come to an end. We all need to be critical of every politician.